Neue Publikation - Espacios Públicos

Publikation - Espacios Públicos

Anknüpfend an das Internationale Symposium "Diversas mirandas a la plaza publica", welches im Herbst 2012 in Mexico City an der UAM statt fand, erscheint die Publikation LA PLAZA URBANA von Christof Goebel mit dem Artikel "Espacios Públicos" von Volker Kleinekort. 

LA PLAZA URBANA (Christof Goebel, Hrsg.), Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Publishing, Mexico City, 2014. ISBN: 978-607-28-0122-6

Im September 2012 war Volker Kleinekort zu einem internationalen Symposium an der Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) nach Mexico City eingeladen. Der nun veröffentlichte Artikel ESPACIOS PÚBLICOS (Offene Räume, dt.) reflektiert diesen Konferenzbeirtag und behandelte Auswirkungen auf den Öffentlichen Raum unter dem Einfluss informeller Handlungs- und Nutzungsstrukturen am Beispiel der Stadt Havanna. 




The topic of this publication is considering public space from different perspectives. According to the German translation, the titel can have more than one meaning. „Unterschiedlich“ the word for “different“ can also refer to „the other” space, to be understood as a unique point.

On the same note, this article entitled PUBLIC SPACES, not in terms of public use, but in the meaning of the german word “offen” – which is close to “undetermined use”, is a topic that cannot easily be classified into any of the categories as they were announced for this book. The matter that this essay intend to address, touches just as much on socio-spatial and political dimensions as it does on economic and cultural ones.

In the context of the articles objective, the city of Havana, this refers to the reprogramming and reinterpreting of space through the interaction between the city and its citizens – the thesis is that these primarily informal interactions find expression through a sort of „publicification“ of space in that the prevailing circumstances in Havana demand the utilization of private spaces for public uses.

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